A POOP…a boys best friend.

If I had a dollar for every moment poop was mentioned in the last six years of “momming” I would be BALLING. In other words poop is a daily topic with my boys. Poop this, poop that, that looks like poop, that smells like poop, you’re a poopy head, and my favorite here lately…. BRAY POOPED!

I’ve never understood the excitement with boys and poop. It stinks guys! Leave It Alone! Just wipe and flush it is what goes through my mind but noooo they have to look at it so they can tell mama what came out and how it came out and what it smelled like. Growing up with all boys has showed me that for some reason it just comes naturally for them.

So boy moms be prepared to talk about it at random times like you know, church or in the middle of the grocery store where no one wants to hear about some random kid’s fecal matter. My best one yet is at restaurants that has funny looking food and the kid yells “yeah, that’s poop. I’m not eating that.” But all of that beats cleaning up poop from walls and the carpets because they got a little too curious about it. I went thru that stage with Preston and Tristin already. Braydon haven’t got there yet but I can feel the poopy adventure creeping upon me.

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