Dating Blues

So dating with kids is hard, stressful, and sometimes just damn near impossible but we seem to make it work…somehow. I met this guy on a dating site at the beginning of the year and I had so many “fish in the sea” trying to get a piece of this hot mama. At the time I was interested but I had so much going on that I just blew him off. It seemed like every other month this man sent me a “Are you ready to go on a date yet?” text and of course I continued to put him on the back burner.

A few months ago (September) I finally said yes to hanging out. He had his two boys and I had Braydon with me. I chose a random hiking place that I had saved on my Google Maps and like always I was late showing up, like a hour late…shame, shame. I finally got there and there was this Powow going on. Which was actually super interesting. We met and been seeing each other every since.

Now I wonder if I would’ve gave him a chance earlier this year would my life be different? Or would it be the same? Would we be getting ready to take family Christmas pictures? Or maybe I would be a super single mom again. I know you’re probably thinking “she overthinks way too much” but I feel like putting thought into things will make a big difference than just diving in head first and being disappointed.

What are your thoughts on waiting and dating? Have you rushed into something and had a happy outcome? Or was it a disaster? I would love to hear how you guys are making your dating life and love life work? Thanks for reading. 🖤

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