Late AF

My mama always told me that “I’ll be late to my own damn funeral” and you know what. I totally believe her. I’m late going everywhere. It was just a mild amount of late before kids but now that I have three kids I’m just like “F**K it we’re not going!!”.

My favorite part about almost being on time is when I get halfway out the door and notice that Braydon has lost his socks and shoes. Tristin is fighting his jacket because it doesn’t have pockets and Preston is just standing at the door looking at all of us in disbelief while sucking his thumb. Or we lose Braydon’s pacifier… losing the paci is a major late source. The paci hates me and I hate the paci. IF YOUR BABY DON’T LIKE THE PACIFIER, DON’T FORCE IT! The paci will hunt you, day and night. It will have you on your hands and knees searching for it like a Paci addict. (Sorry had a moment.)

On top of all that I’m slightly a procrastinator. I don’t try to be but for some reason it comes naturally like my dark sense of humor. I’ve learned to manage the outburst of my sense of humor but the procrastination is just in my bones. This is probably one of the main reasons I should work on being my own boss. (Dark creepy laugh)

What are some ways y’all help deal with procrastinating? How do you plan your time management? If you could give anyone advice about being on time what would it be?

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