I Forgive You

Over the last year I’ve held so much animosity towards a person that I thought was my friend. Since we were kids I had love for this person and never judged them or their lifestyle but all that changed last year. I made a mistake and thought I was helping a friend just to have them look me in the eyes and say “Fuck You” and slammed the door in my face.

I remember leaving their house and just sitting in a random church parking lot, crying my eyes out. I was so heart broken, I couldn’t believe that I gave so much just to have someone treat me like I owed them. They made me feel like I was in the wrong for actually helping them. It felt like a sick mind twist. Something I will never understand.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t want revenge. I wanted to hurt this person like they hurt me but sitting at that church I felt some sort of calmness hit me. I remember just sitting there in silence before heading home. It was so silent and so still but at that moment I decided that I would forgive this person. It didn’t stop the fact that I wanted to punch them in the face but inside I knew I learned something from the whole situation and I had to let it go.

I learned that no matter how long you have known someone and no matter how much you love someone they can switch on you in a blink of an eye. Everyone is not built like you and everyone don’t have good intentions for you. I haven’t talked to this person since that day. I tried to reach out but it was a failed attempt but if they ever come across this I want them to know that I Do Forgive You.

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