Coming Out

This will not be what you think it’s about but since you’re here…please enjoy! 🙂

Since my mom passed away I must admit I’ve kept myself away inside. I go out for food and washing detergent. On the weekend’s my best friend seems to get me out for a few hours. Well it’s time I take my life back and get the hell out the house.

People make me nervous here lately. I’ve tried a few interviews but when it came to the part of me having to be in public my anxiety kicks in and I couldn’t wait to be back in my comfort zone. My family and friends are starting to worry about me but to me I’m fine. I’m dealing with grief in my own way but at the same time I see their concerns.

So it’s time for me to come out or to at least try to get out the comfort zone. I know it won’t be easy because it’s been a whole year but I know deep down my mom wouldn’t want me to hermit away from the world. She raised a bright woman and I have to carry on with everything she’s taught me. It’s my time to shine!

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