The Cleveland Show

Rotten Tomatoes

So, I have a confession. I’m addicted to The Cleveland Show, it’s bad. When I’m sad I watch The Cleveland Show, when I’m excited I watch The Cleveland Show, when I’m higher than a giraffe’s ass I watch The Cleveland Show, and right before bed I’m watching The Cleveland Show. I catch myself quoting it all the time. My friends and family don’t understand my bond with it but I know for sure I fucking love it.

You get now that I love Cleveland and Cleveland Jr but Rallo “Montclair Tubbs” character would have to be my favorite he’s the coolest five year old ever and then it’s Donna. My favorite episode of her is when she was Dynamite Donna and her random little catch phrases always gets me every time. My guys Terry, Lester, Tim the Bear, and Holt always keep me laughing. I like how they never stop Cleveland from doing stupid shit, they just hype him up. I can’t forget my homegirl Roberta and Federline and their interracial teen love. Cookie and Freight Train toxic relationship. Robert the bum deadbeat. And AuntieMama the farttabalous trans that we all love. The whole cast never let me down! Like I said I’m addicted, maybe a little obsessed my heart might break if Hulu takes it off their platform.

I just want to give a shout-out to Seth MacFarlane for being an “animation domination” when it comes to adult cartoons. I have mad respect for all of his movies and shows. Without Peter Griffin there would be no Cleveland so shout-out to Peter too.

Ye and Cleveland Jr.

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