Friendzone 2.0

Shit! Shit! Shit! It has happened again. I’ve been placed in the “zone” and I’m sad to say that I think I’m even getting dumber. I understand people have a right to fuck with you on whatever level they want to fuck with you on (yes I said it, read it again!) I just can’t wrap my mind around that it always happens when there’s a connection. I can never get friend zoned by someone I’m not interested, like never. This time I’m not mad tho, I’m just a little puzzled.

To help myself and others that are going through this mind dazzling situation I found some memes to get us through this.

Let’s Go!!

1. Love You, As A Friend

2. Okay Daddy

3. Oh Really?

4. Love and Affection

5. Oof

6. Most Populated Places

7. A Lamp

8. Sad Truths

9. In The Zone

10. That Little Space

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