I’m Not The One or “FoMo”

As I get closer to my thirties, I’m starting to realize that I am not the ONE.

Just sitting here thinking about everyone getting engaged, having beautiful marriages, making families, and just being in love.

I catch myself wanting all of these things but for some reason I just haven’t received it yet.

I think to myself all the time that maybe it’s me.

Maybe I’m the reason I don’t have what I yearn for but then I think about all the men that already have someone or living with their significant others that message me and It scares the living shit out of me that I might end up with someone like them.

I’ve wrote about trying dating apps/dating sites and how much I’ve failed to find someone on them. Or you know, I find someone I like and they’re hiding that they have a whole family or they just completely a shitty person.

I’m at the point where I feel like I’m not the one that will have these things or the universe just has a different plan for me and I just haven’t figured it out yet.

With all that being said, I could just have a mild case of FoMo.

So true!

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