Lack of Excitement

Nothing seems to be exciting to me here lately.

When I say nothing, I mean nothing! The people I encounter, my texting buddies, my daily routines, and even going out.

I’m just here going through the motions. I can’t help but think that there has so be something out there that brings me some excitement. Something that would bring me back to life.

So of course me being me I surfed the weird wide world web to see if I can find some things that makes others excited and to see what worked out for them.

Let’s check it out!

Being Alive

Being alive was one of the top things to be excited about on almost every article I read and I understand why it’s so high up on the list. I mean you could wake up dead, I’m not sure how that works but I don’t think I would be too pleasant.

Oh yes! They made a whole song about staying alive.

Do Some Traveling

I don’t do much traveling but when I do the thrill always brings joy and excitement. The ability to be in a new place away from home is always a great feeling. Being able to say “Yes, I’ve been there” while in a conversation makes me feel a little cool I must admit.


Music is a good way to feel excitement! Listen to your favorite artist or that same song you have listened to 10,000 times this month already. You can also find new music in your favorite genre. I like to use Amazon Music in their My Soundtrack selection never let me down. Sometimes it play a song I haven’t heard years and it puts a smile on my face.


Express to the people around you that you are lacking excitement. Maybe they can do something different to help change the way you feel or maybe they are going through the same emotions and you guys to fix the situation together. Do not be afraid to speak about what causes the feelings and emotions that you are going through. There’s always someone out there that will listen to you. I posted a few websites that can help too.

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