Snapchat, Love, and Distance

As I got into the elevator I could feel my heart beat out of my chest. I pushed the button to the third floor and I thought to myself, “This is it, let’s do this!”. The doors opened and I knew the wait was over. It was time! After a long year or so of Snapchatting we were finally about to meet each other.

The hallway was dim but very decorative it felt like it was never going to end. The walk seemed to be in slow motion but I finally made it to the door. I knocked and he opened the door instantly, like he was waiting for me. We made eye contact and that heart beat turned into butterflies.

His eyes told me that he was just as nervous and anxious as I was. He was exactly what I expected and he even smelled amazing. I was mind blown at how fast I felt comfortable and how fast my hesitations about him that I had started to fade away.

After spending the weekend together, being able to hug and physically be in each others presence and not just on the phone; my emotions started to take over. It made me realize that I had stronger feelings than I thought I had for him. I grew sad at the the thought that we were going to have to say goodbye and I wasn’t ready. I wanted it to last a little longer, you know like forever but I knew we both had to get back to our own realities.

I’m a crime show lover so I knew the consequences of meeting someone from the internet in real life but I’m glad I took the chance. It was worth it, every minute and every second.

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