Hi there, I’m Cornesha. I’m a 29-year-old single mom of three from North Georgia. I found my love for blogging a few years ago but I never did anything with it. Lately, I’ve been hoping the things I blog about is entertainment and hopefully inspirational to the ones that stop by.

With that being said don’t forget to always be you and to speak your mind.

Thank you for reading!

What People Say

If you prioritize yourself, you are going to save yourself.

Gabrielle Union

You’ve just got to follow your own path. You have to trust your heart and you have to listen to the warnings.

Chaka Khan

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Dr. Seuss

Let’s build something together.

Latest from the Blog

It’s Almost Game Time!

College game day is approaching us! It has me feeling like Europe with The Final Countdown. I just keep singing the song over and over in my head. Top 10 Teams in 2022 As of September 1st , these are the top rank teams. Click on the photo for more information for times and channels.

Stoner Things

Looking for cool new pipes! Check these out! ? “”The Pineapple””? Spoon Hand Pipe Price: $32.50 ? Pineapple Silicone Wax Container Price: $10.99 “”Desert At Night”” Glass Spoon Pipe Price: $18.45 “”Dewdrop”” Curved Body Dab Rig with Colored Accents Price: $59.99 “”Dino Time”” Dinosaur Themed Water Pipe Price: $184.00 “”Dino Time”” Dinosaur Themed Water Pipe […]

Running Shoes/ Athletic Shoes

I love everything about this shoe! Check it out! Mizuno Wave Inspire 16 Women’s Running Shoes Vapor Blue-Silver 411162.VB73from: eFootwear.com Altra Torin 2.5 Women’s Running Shoes in Coral A2634-5 Price: $49.99 Mizuno Wave Inspire 16 Men’s Running Shoes Black 411160.9090 Price: $79.99 Mizuno Wave Inspire 16 Men’s Running Shoes Wide EE Black 411161.9090 Price: $79.99 […]

Lack of Excitement

Nothing seems to be exciting to me here lately. When I say nothing, I mean nothing! The people I encounter, my texting buddies, my daily routines, and even going out. I’m just here going through the motions. I can’t help but think that there has so be something out there that brings me some excitement. […]

Boxed In.

You ever get stuck in your head? Like stuck stuck? When I say stuck I mean the same thing keeps replaying in your head and you don’t know if it is a scenario that has occurred or it’s something that’s going to happen and on top of that you don’t know if it is good […]


When the kids finally go to bed I lay around in my thoughts. I just let my brain roam free. Tonight I tried doing that and I got nothing but tears (Yeah my pillow is wet. Don’t judge me!). Here are some memes about being a crybaby and tears. Hopefully it’ll put a smile on […]


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