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It’s Almost Game Time!

College game day is approaching us! It has me feeling like Europe with The Final Countdown. I just keep singing the song over and over in my head. Top 10 Teams in 2022 As of September 1st , these are the top rank teams. Click on the photo for more information for times and channels.

Stoner Things

Looking for cool new pipes! Check these out! ? “”The Pineapple””? Spoon Hand Pipe Price: $32.50 ? Pineapple Silicone Wax Container Price: $10.99 “”Desert At Night”” Glass Spoon Pipe Price: $18.45 “”Dewdrop”” Curved Body Dab Rig with Colored Accents Price: $59.99 “”Dino Time”” Dinosaur Themed Water Pipe Price: $184.00 “”Dino Time”” Dinosaur Themed Water Pipe […]

Running Shoes/ Athletic Shoes

I love everything about this shoe! Check it out! Mizuno Wave Inspire 16 Women’s Running Shoes Vapor Blue-Silver 411162.VB73from: Altra Torin 2.5 Women’s Running Shoes in Coral A2634-5 Price: $49.99 Mizuno Wave Inspire 16 Men’s Running Shoes Black 411160.9090 Price: $79.99 Mizuno Wave Inspire 16 Men’s Running Shoes Wide EE Black 411161.9090 Price: $79.99 […]

Lack of Excitement

Nothing seems to be exciting to me here lately. When I say nothing, I mean nothing! The people I encounter, my texting buddies, my daily routines, and even going out. I’m just here going through the motions. I can’t help but think that there has so be something out there that brings me some excitement. […]

Boxed In.

You ever get stuck in your head? Like stuck stuck? When I say stuck I mean the same thing keeps replaying in your head and you don’t know if it is a scenario that has occurred or it’s something that’s going to happen and on top of that you don’t know if it is good […]


When the kids finally go to bed I lay around in my thoughts. I just let my brain roam free. Tonight I tried doing that and I got nothing but tears (Yeah my pillow is wet. Don’t judge me!). Here are some memes about being a crybaby and tears. Hopefully it’ll put a smile on […]


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